Bioluminescence Boat Tours In The Grand Cayman Island

There are some places that are just naturally magical, and it can be amazing to see the beauty of these areas in action. One such example is the Grand Cayman Island, which has a wide array of different amazing natural sites worth checking out, but even among a handful of gems there is no question that the bays featuring bioluminescent organisms are the most interesting. This leads to several places where any interaction with the water causes a fascinating reaction with bright colorful bursts of glowing life whenever a paddle, hand, or anything contacts the water. Swim with a bright blue glow all around you, or watch as natural biological light pops up from the kayaks or paddles slicing through the water.

How Does This Work?
The very definition of “bioluminescence” is “light emitted from natural life or life emitting light.” In other words it is biological and while it is rather common, finding a small area where it is very highly concentrated, especially on a regular basis, is much less common. Fire flies are perhaps one of the best known examples of this in nature, but obviously you rarely see thousands or tens of thousands of them in one field going off all at the same time.

In these bays that is exactly what happens as many millions of microorganisms (believed to be “Pyrodinium Bahamanse” naturally sparkle but then when they are disturbed by something from their resting state they throw out a burst of light. It is here that you can see glowing water in the cayman islands This isn’t hurting them at all but it does create quite a show for anyone who happens to be passing through the area. They are rare in such concentrations and yet there are a few bays off of Grand Cayman Island that do just that and over the incredible chance to see these natural wonders up close.

Many Tour Options
There’s no denying the immense popularity of these tours with tourists, and locals are very careful to make sure that all guided tours are done the right way: giving visitors the full experience of these amazingly unique locations without threatening the delicate environments that allow this natural wonder to take place.

There are tours given via night kayaking as well as electric catamaran options depending on what you’re looking for. There are some providers who give double kayaks as well as use flashlights with each tourist to give another sense of adventure. Adding that extra layer makes an already special experience all the better as every movement in the area will create that special glow.

Ask Around For Recommendations
Each tour is going to be a little bit different, so ask around for recommendations or to get a feel for the tone and guidance of each provider. There is even more than one bay that tends to be really popular for these tours, so you may find all the tours to one place go by electric catamaran while others focus on kayaking and even lighting for a little bit of light swimming (get surrounded by the glow!).

See who provides the type of tour or experience you are looking for and you will have plenty of options to make sure your bioluminescence boat tour in the Grand Cayman Island will have all the memories that you are hoping to create.

In Conclusion
There’s no question that a bioluminescence boat tour in Grand Cayman Island can be a once in a lifetime experience, so don’t miss it! The day beaches are wonderful, the parks are remarkable, but there is nothing quite like one of these ethereal experiences to really top off a dream vacation.

Published by Heytailopez43