Had Fun Boating While Visiting The Cayman Islands 

My husband and I planned a vacation to the Cayman Islands. Neither one of us had ever been there and we were really excited to see it and explore while we were there. We also wanted to find some activities to do while visiting. 

I went online and started searching for things to do while in the Cayman Islands. I found several things that we could do such as swimming with stingrays, kayaking on the bioluminescent bays and boating in the Cayman Islands. I showed my husband all the things we could do while we were there and we both agreed we wanted to go boating. I searched for the different places that offered boat tours and checked out the prices of each of them. Before booking and paying for anything I wanted to read the reviews about the different boats and how the tours were from people that had been on them. I went to the Trip Advisor website and found some information which was exactly what I was looking for. I read lots of great things about one of the boat tours so I showed it to my husband and asked him if he wanted to go on that tour. He was fine with that one and told me to go ahead and book it. 

When we arrived at the Cayman Islands we were amazed at the scenery. It was unlike any place we had visited before. I couldn’t wait to go to the place we were staying and get checked in and then walk around to see what all was there. Our boat tour was scheduled for the next day so we had some time to explore. 

We walked around and saw lots of different things. We contemplated swimming with the stingrays and checked that out while we were out and about. However, we both decided it wasn’t something we wanted to do. 

The next day arrived and we went on our boat tour. It was really nice and lasted a few hours. We were amazed at all the different things we could see and the fishing we could do from the boat. It was a nice boat with comfy seats which was a plus too. We had a great time while boating and didn’t want it to be over when it was. We decided that when we go back we will do it again.

Published by Heytailopez43